Our Work

The Developing Architecture of a Child’s Brain

Most people believe that with loving care, babies will naturally develop into healthy children. New science emphasizes that the developing brain is directly shaped by experience – an idea that is often difficult for laypeople to understand or accept. Cultural Logic developed an explanation based on the idea that experience affects the architecture of a baby’s brain. Testing demonstrates that this explanation greatly increases laypeople’s ability to learn new information.

Public Structures in American Life

Americans have an increasingly dim opinion of Government. Cultural Logic’s research established that this is due in part to a conceptual blindness to what it is that Government actually does. An explanation based on the idea that Government’s job is to build and maintain the public structures that benefit everyone – things like highways, schools, court systems, and consumer protections – has revolutionized how advocates talk about Government’s role.

Global Warming and the Blanket of CO2

Most Americans can explain the ozone hole problem. Not so for global warming, despite decades of news coverage that uses the simplifying idea of a “greenhouse effect.” Cultural Logic tested dozens of alternative explanations before settling on the (now widely-used) explanation that global warming is caused by a blanket of carbon dioxide.